Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Joyce is now on Facebook

Yes it's true, I am officially a Facebook junky. If anyone would like to add me as a friend, just search for JOYCE RODGERS. I'd be happy to add you to my friends list. I bet my Dad would have loved this find ;) Live chat is fun, and the photo upload is great! Hugs for now

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


For those who don't know yet, my DADDY has left this world and has gone to be taught the gospel in the next life. I was my DADDY'S BABY and I knew, as many of you did, that I was so very important to him. He always made me feel loved by his ever faithful attendance here on my blog. I will miss his silly weather updates and and loving comments. I will miss his sweet words of support and his odd views of government schemes. I only hope he knew how much he made me sparkle and how much he will be missed. I LOVE YOU MY DADDY ;)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Big Fish Story

This past week, our biggest fish, our Sucky Dude died. He was a healthy sized guy who must have been about ten to twelve inches long and about four inches wide. Well on Saturday morning I wolke Storm up to give him instructions on how to dispose of his remains. I told him to make sure he went into the kitchen trash because of his size. In the past, most of our other fish had quaint little ceremonies with flushing revelries. Buh buh buh... Buh buh buh... and so forth. Well I knew there was no way this one would make it down, especially when my husband, the plumber, has warned me in the past that even a q-tip is a danger to flush down the toilet. So when my instructions were clear, I went off to the church for basketball practice with my girls.
That night I used my sons bathroom and the darned thing was having a real rough time flushing. When I quickly called for my very own plumber to come to my rescue, he flew off the couch to see what the problem was. That's when I witnessed the look of panic in my son's eyes as he explained that maybe it was the fish. "WHAT? the ten to twelve inch long fish, the one that would have made a healthy month long dinner for the cat. The one that couldn't have possibly been flushed down the toilet, by my son who was given instructions on what to do with the fish ."

"But Mom... Dad told me to," he responded. It was true, my husband, the plumber, had told my son to flush the beast down the toilet , that morning after I had left. Oh the agony he must have felt as I scolded him over and over, " You told our son to flush a ten inch long fish down the toilet? I cant believe it!" He had to ogger the toilet twice to get the fella out of the pooper and down the sewer line to his watery grave.

Wouldn't you know it, by Monday night, my main sewer line was clogged up and while the plumbers wife was calling a plumber to come the next morning, it dawned on me that my problem was not regrowth on the roots my husband had just snaked out a month ago, but it was that blasted fish, the ten to twelve inch long fish, the one who should have been placed in the kitchen trashcan, then taken out to the big cans outside. My poor husband will never hear the end of "My Big Fish Story", a story I will never let him forget.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My second and last try at a portrait

Storm Alan
Done November 2007
Of him at age 12

My first attemt to draw a portrate

Willow Brook Marie
Done November 2007
of her at age eight

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Look out world...

Here comes a quick preview of our new family photos that we took Oct. 4th at The same park as last year. This time we took Mom, Paulie, Janna, and the kids.The fall colors were awesome, as always, with Mother nature in perfect form, all fluffed and strutting her stuff.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our House, is a very, very, very fine house (SMILES)

This picture really doesn't do it justice, with the big ol' maple tree in the way and all. So here are some of the outside pictures. I'll start with the front yard.

Now for the back yard... notice the shed with the arbor and French doors, that's my art studio. The back deck has come in handy for eating outside and Bar-B-Q-N. I have already hosted a baby shower for a new lady at church and the house was much more gracious than the old one. It entertains well ;)

That's it for the outside pictures. I'll share the inside another time. Maybe I'll even get my Honey's camera and film it. this way you can really see it's beauty ;) SMOOCHIES! my DADDY and Friends.